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Period Feature Film 



Starring  Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Mary Louise-Parker, Sam Rockwell, Jeremy Renner,
Sam Shepard, Garrett Dillahunt, Paul Schneider. 

Produced by Warner Bros., Ridley Scott, Plan B Entertainment.

Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt

Casey Affleck

Although The Assassination of Jesse James was released in 2007, it had made a comeback in recent years and is a fitting addition to the website : with 65 Award nominations and 25 wins including 2 Oscar nominations, a Golden Globe, and the Volpi Cup for Brad Pitt's performance.

I came on as a First Assistant Art Director (or a Second Art Director). The Supervising Art Director was the talented and well-known Troy Sizemore (Hidalgo, Batman vs Superman, Clash of the Titans). 


We shot mainly within a 2 hour radius of Calgary, Alberta, Canada with additional
two and one-week location shoots in Edmonton and Winnipeg. 

The list of sets slated for design spanned many pages. Which required a second
Art Director to tag team with our Supervising Art Director. Sadly we see very little
of the work that was done by our Designer Richard Hoover and our award winning crews. Prep and shooting spanned over more than 4 months. 

These images below were taken of the two complete towns that we built, but there were many other builds of estate homes, cabins, rural settlements, as well as existing location modifications. Very little of my time was spent in the production office once we started shooting. For the most part I was on our set builds and on set.

House on the Hill | Jesse James' residence was at the top of the hill in this town.

Creed, Colorado | This Mining Town set was built up in the Goat Creek area near Canmore.