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“…an articulate, perceptive and analytical mind……sculpture solutions that have a meaningful and provocative presence”. 
Katie Ohe, Canadian Pioneer of Abstract Sculpture

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I was gifted with this beautiful autographed photo from Farrah Fawcett after her assistant and family friend asked for images of my sculptural work, showing them to Farrah. Farrah was also a sculptor. 
I was working on the Television Movie "Hollywood Wives" at that time, on which Farrah was cast.

Screen Shot 2021-06-06 at 9.29.07 PM.png

FARRAH FAWCETT | SCULPTOR / ACTRESS | "Five-time nominee for the Emmy Award, and Six-time nominee for the Golden Globe Award |  a reigning symbol of American pop culture | In the TV series, Charlie's Angels, she played a private investigator. The show immediately became the most popular series on television, earning record ratings and a huge audience."  ( 

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