I work in the film and television industry. Hollywood producers and studios have been coming to my area of Canada for decades, taking advantage of our stunning and diverse landscape and our experienced and award winning crews.


For the past 20 years, I've been on shows as an Art Director and Assistant Art Director, occasionally as Graphic Designer. The list of productions include those by producers : Dreamworks (Spielberg), Warner Bros., Disney, MGM, MTV, FX, Ridley Scott, Brad Pitt, (Plan B Entertainment), Discovery Channel, Lifetime Television, the Cohen Brothers, and many more.  

As a Production Designer for Art Films and smaller independent film projects, I worked

in particular as a Production Designer on “Beauty Crowds Me”, an Art Film Short which was showcased at the MOMA in New York, and I later received an AMPIA nomination

for Production Design on a feature film.

Most recently, I worked as an Assistant Art Director/Graphic Designer on the first and second seasons of the acclaimed TV Miniseries, Fargo, winner of 18 Emmie Award Nominations and 2 Emmy Wins for the first season (including Outstanding Mini-series and Outstanding Directing) and a Golden Globe award for Best Television Film or Miniseries. The second season won 3 Emmy awards with 36 Emmy nominations including an Emmy nomination for Production Design, a Critics Choice award,

American Film Institute Award, Dorian Award, and a Peabody Award. In total over 160 award nominations between the 2 seasons.  


The Series hosted a long string of notable stars, including Martin Freeman, BillyBob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Oliver Platt, Adam Goldberg, Jeffrey Donovan, Patrick Wilson, Adam Arkin in Season 1.  And Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemens, Jean Smart, Patrick Williams, Ted Danson, Brad Garrett, Kieran Culkin, among others, in Season 2.

FARGO is produced by the Cohen Brothers, Noah Hawley, and by Warren Littlefield, former head of NBC for 20 years. 

I've been honoured to receive nominations for “Contribution to Excellence in

Production Design for a Television Movie or Limited Series” with the Art Directors Guild (ADG) (L.A.). Once for a Spielberg Mini-Series, and twice more for the first and second Seasons of Fargo, the T.V. Series. On the Spielberg Mini-Series I was the Principal Researcher for the Series, communicating our design research directly to

Mr. Spielberg.

Prior to this and running concurrently to it I also worked in the Corporate Design/Advertising world for one of Western Canada's largest design/advertising firms and worked on contract for others including an international agencies with a local office.


As a practicing visual artist, I work with abstract, conceptual and figurative applications, video documentary, and large-scale aleatoric and photo based work.  I am particularly interested in story. My studio resides with the Burns Visual Arts Society (BVAS), Canada’s oldest Artist Co-op.

I'm currently on Faculty with the Alberta University of the Arts (AUArts), formerly ACAD, in the School of Communication Design (B.Des.) 


Main Researcher, Steven Spielberg Film Production: “Into the West” | (6 Two-hour movies for Television : Miniseries)  2004
Milton Glaaser, Design Discourse | Graphic Design Workshop, School of Visual Arts (SVA), New York  1995

New York Studio School | Figurative Anatomical Study | Sculpture Marathon |  Bruce Gagnier, Chris Cairns, Ed Smith  2004


2016  Art Directors Guild Awards (L.A.) | Nomination : Contribution to Excellence in Production Design for
Television Movie or Mini-Series. (Fargo Television Series, Season 2)

2015    Art Directors Guild Awards (L.A.) | Nomination : Contribution to Excellence in Production Design for
Television Movie or Mini-Series  (Fargo Television Series, Season 1) 

2005  Art Directors Guild Awards (L.A.) | Nomination : Contribution tp Excellence in Production Design for Television Movie or Mini-Series (A Stephen Spielberg Production)
1998  Golden Sheaf Award | Yorkton International Film Festival | Best Art Direction (This film was shown at the New York MOMA)     
1999   AMPIA | Nomination : Best Art Direction Feature Film

1998   IRIS | Best Art Direction Music Video


Art Director / Assistant Art Director | Hollywood Films and Television Productions by Producers (selected) : Steven Spielberg, Brad Pitt, Disney, Warner Bros., Cohen Bros., Ridley Scott, MTV, Fox Entertainment, CBS, ABC


Film Production Designer | Independent Feature Films +  Art Films (including Showings at NY MOMA, Received Golden Sheaf Award, Yorkton International Film Festival,  Best Art Direction.)

Designer/Art Director | Television Commercials, Television Shows

Graphic Designer | Hollywood Films and Television Productions 




2003 - THE GIRL WHO MARRIED A GHOST, Feature Film    


1998 - BAD MONEY, Feature Film,  NOMINATION :Best Art Direction, AMPIA, 2000

1998 - BEAUTY CROWDS ME,Art Film : Shown at New YorkMOMA (Museum of Modern Art)             


ART DIRECTOR, FILM/TELEVISION PRODUCTIONS (Assistant to the Production Designer)

2001 - WASTED, T.V., MTV Networks, starring Nick Stahl

2000 - FOR ALL TIME, T.V. (Art Director / Assistant Art Director), CBS/Rosemont Productions International Limited, 
Starring : Mark Harmon, Mary McDonnell 

(Description:Graphic Design, Art Direction, and Assistant to the Production Designer)

2014 - 2015 – FARGO, T.V. MiniSeries, Second Season, MGM Studios, Producers : Cohen Brothers,Warren Littlefield ,Noah Hawley
Starring : Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemens, Jean Smart, Patrick Williams, Ted Danson, Brad Garrett, Kieran Culkin
Recipient of : Critics Choice award, American Film Institute Award, Dorian Award, Peabody Award
Nomination of : Emmie Award Nomination for : Outstanding Production Design
Nomination of: Art Director’s Guild AwardforExcellence in Production DesignFor Television Movie or Mini-Series


2013 – 2014 - FARGO, T.V. MiniSeries, First Season, MGM Studios, Producers :Cohen Brothers,Warren Littlefield,

Starring : Martin Freeman, BillyBob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Oliver Platt, Adam Goldberg, Jeffrey Donovan, Patrick Wilson, Adam Arkin 
Recipient of :18 Emmie Award Nominationsand Emmie Winner as Outstanding MiniSeries andOutstanding Directing. 
Recipient of : Golden Globe AwardforBest Miniseries or Television Film.
Nomination of: Art Director’s Guild AwardforExcellence in Production DesignFor Television Movie or Mini-Series

2013 - FORSAKEN, Feature Film, Rollercoaster Entertainment, 

Starring : Keifer Sutherland, Demi Moore, Donald Sutherland,Brian Cox 

2010 – HEARTLAND, Television Series, CBC May 2010

2009 - 12 MEN OF CHRISTMAS, T.V., Fox Entertainment, starring Josh Hopkins

2008 - HIGH NOON, T.V., Lifetime Movie Network, starring Emilie De Ravin, Ivan Sergei

2008 - NORTHERN LIGHTS, T.V., Lifetime Movie Network, starring LeAnn Riimes, Eddie Cibrian

2006 - EVEREST, T.V. Miniseries, CBC, starring Jason Priestly  


2006 - CAROLINA MOON, T.V., Lifetime Movie Network, starring Claire Forlani, Oliver Hudson


2006 - ANGELS FALL, T.V., Lifetime Movie Network, starring Heather Locklear, Johnathon Schaech  



             Feature Film - Warner Brothers Studio / Plan B Entertainment – Producers: Ridley Scott, Brad Pitt.
             starring  Brad Pitt, Casey Affleck, Sam Shepard, Sam Rockwell, Jeremy Renner, Paul Schneider

2004 - INTO THE WEST, T.V. Miniseries, Dreamworks Television / TNT – Producer:Stephen Spielberg
            Recipient of : 16 Emmie Award Nominationsand Winner of 2 Emmies. 
            Recipient of: Art Director’s Guild Award Nomination for Excellence in Production Design For A 
            Television Movie or Mini-Series.

2004 - LITTLE HOUSE ON THE PRAIRIE , T.V. Miniseries, ABC Entertainment / Walt Disney Studios 

2003 - A PROBLEM WITH FEAR, Feature Film, Burns Film Ltd.

2003 - CHASING FREEDOM, T.V. , Blueprint Entertainment, starring Juliette Lewis

2003 - WORD OF HONOR, T.V., Warner Home Video, starring Don Johnson


1999-2000 - CAITLIN’S WAY, TELEVISION SERIES, Nickelodeon / Lynch Entertainment   


2013 – KLONDIKE, T.V. Mini-Series, Discovery Channel, Producer : Ridley Scott, 

Starring : Tim Roth, Sam Shepard. 
Nomination of : Emmie Award for Best Miniseries.

2012 – RACE TO SAVE NOME, Feature Film, Freedom Films (Pre-Production), Freedom Films

2010 – LOST HOLIDAY: THE JIM & SUZANNE SHEMWELL STORY”,  T.V., Lifetime Television

2006 – RESURRECTING THE CHAMP, Feature Film, Phoenix Pictures, starringSamuel L. Jackson,
             Josh Hartnett

2003 – HOLLYWOOD WIVES, THE NEXT GENERATION, T.V., Producer: Jackie Collins,starring

            Farrah Fawcett 




2000 – Carma, 1999 – Telus, 1999 – Shaw Cable, 1998 – Local Heros,1998 – ALS Society 


ART DIRECTOR / DESIGNER, TELEVISION SPECIALS (Description: Art Director and Set Designer)  


1998 - CMT Screening Room, Television Weekly Special, CMT Canada       

1998 – Video Cafe, Television Special, CMT Canada




2001 – Ad Rodeo, Calgary Advertising Awards Show,  Jubilee Auditorium, Calgary, AB



2002 – Chatelaine Magazine, Home Focus



1997  Jan Arden Label : Big Hip Records | Lin Elder | Sorry For Your Heart 

1997  Jan Arden Label : Big Hip Records | Maei Moore | Free to Love Me

1996  Karl Roth | Everybody Wants to Be a Cat | Cracker Films | Award : Best Art Direction Music Video, IRIS 1998



IATSE 212 (Film Union)  Portfolio Review Committee

New York Studio School (NYSS) Alumni Association | Canadian Chapter | Co-Director
ACAD (Alberta College of Art + Design ) : Communications Officer, Executive Board of ACADFA (ACAD Faculty Association)


IATSE212 (International Film Union)

GDC (Graphic Designers of Canada)

Sculptors’ Association of Alberta

Burns Visual Arts Society

GRAPHIC DESIGN | 1994-2019


Graphic Designer/Assistant Art Director /Art Director: Film and Television Productions by Producers (selected : Warner Bros., Disney, MGM Studios, MTV, Cohen Brothers, Ridley Scott, Lifetime Television, Discovery Channel, Brad Pitt (Plan B Entertainment).


Graphic Designer/Art Director : Corporate and Advertising Design, Agencies. Clients (selected): Telus Communications, Canadian Airlines, Gulf Canada Resources Limited, CN Railway, Health Canada, TransCanada Pipelines, Royal Trust, Corus Entertainment.

Mediums (including but not limited to): Web Design, Corporate Annual Reports, Branding, Film Title Design (and Credits Design), Packaging Design,Advertising: Indoor and Outdoor, Advertising Print Ads, Advertising Campaigns, Magazine Design/Art Direction, Motion Graphics.



ACAD | Alberta College of Art & Design | Faculty, School of Communication Design | 2010-2019


ACAD, Continuing Education : 

Clay Sculpture ;  Figurative Adult : 2015-18  
Conceptual Sculpture Teen : Summer 2015    
Drawing Techniques of the Masters : Teen : 2017-19


Red Deer College, Summer Series : 
Clay Sculpture ; figurative:  2013-17

Masters Academy and College (Private High School / Middle School) : Grades 10-12 (Art 10, 20, 30),and Grades 7-9  
(Graphic Design, Set Design, Art) : Developed and Taught Curriculum, Calgary, AB 2007-2008  


2018 | NYSS, New York, NY (Juried): “X Marks the Spot | Women of the New York Studio School”

2018 | Gallerie Richard, New York, NY : Buy What You Love

2017 | Muttart Conservatory, Edmonton, AB : “True North : Celebrating Canada 150”

2017 | Leighton Centre, Calgary, AB : Spontaneous Combustion : Burns Visual Arts Society Exhibition

2016 | ArtsPlace, Canmore, AB (Juried) :Eye On Canmore 

2016 | The Edge Gallery, Calgary, AB (Juried): I Love Inglewood

2015 | Illingworth Kerr Gallery, Calgary, AB  : Faculty Show

2014 | Bosi Contemporary Art, New York, NY  : Buy What You Love

2014 | Whyte Museum, Banff, AB : “Portraiture”  (Juried)
           (Including work by: Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Evan Penny, Chris Cran)

2014 | Passage Gallery, Calgary, AB (Juried) : Still Burning : 35thAnniversary Exhibition, Burns Visual Arts Society

2014 | Jayne Creighton Design, Calgary, AB : Surface Works

2013 | Bleecker Street Arts Club,New York, NY  :  Buy What You Love

2013 | Jayne Creighton Design, Calgary, AB : Surface Works

2012 | HOLE, New York, NY : Buy What You Love

2011 | AXIS Contemporary Art Gallery, Calgary, AB  Duo (Juried) : Temporary Showroom

2011 | Calgary International Film Festival, Calgary AB  (mini-documentary series and figurative sculptures)  Solo (Juried)

2010 | Jack Sahinman Gallery, New York, NY : Buy What You Love

2009 | Colors Battistella, Calgary, AB   : Untitled Art Society : Collections

2008 |  Leighton Art Centre, Calgary, AB (Juried)  : International Figure Exhibition  

2007 | Untitled Art Society,Calgary, AB  (Juried)   : Post Miniature Exhibition

2007 | UpperCase Gallery, Calgary, AB  (Juried): The Shatner Show

2007 | Arthouse,Calgary, AB : Recycle

2006 | Arthouse,Calgary, AB : The Velvet Love 


2006 | Untitled Art Society, Calgary, AB Duo(Juried) : Italia

2003 | Sugar Estate Gallery,Calgary, AB Solo(Juried) : About Face : Metaphorical Portraits

1996 | Design Exchange, Toronto, ON 1996 (Juried) : Directions ’98, Annual Showcase of Advertising and Design in Canada




Alberta Foundation for the Arts (AFA)  | Visual Arts Project Grant  2008




THE SHATNER SHOW– Hard Cover Book; 76 Artists from Canada and the

U.S., (Juried),Curated by Janine VanGool, UpperCase Gallery, Jun 2007


NATIONAL POST, Cover Story:“What is Canadian?; Simply Shatner.  How to explain the

cultural phenomenon that is William Shatner? A Calgary Art Exhibit tries”.(covering the

Shatner Show : photograph features Shatner Sculpture ) Kevin Libin, Jun 30, 2007


UPPERCASE MAGAZINE, “Performance : Making it Come Alive : Design for Film and Television”, Issue #31,  Oct 2016, Pg. 75.


FAITH TODAY, “Lights, Camera Controversy”, (Interview with Kevin Miller), Jan / Feb 2005



GOMEDIA CANADA, Interview, Calgary, AB  Oct 2018


ARTLAND, Television’s Tour of America’s Art. Mame McCutchin + Toby Amies. Featuring the Shatner Show in one episode. 2007


CBC NEWSWORLD (covering the Shatner Show–closeup of Shatner sculpture) Jun 16-18  2007


GLOBAL TELEVISION (CALGARY), The News Channel : Interview with Gill Tucker. Jun 4 2007


 BRAVO – Story on the Calgary Art Scene: Featuring the 2-person Show: Italia  Mar 2006


CHANNEL 2&7, BREAKFAST EDITION (CALGARY) - (Featuring Advertising Poster for the Canadian 
Cancer Society.) February 1994




“Up Till Now! The Autobiography | William Shatner” | "I’d even been honored as the subject of an entire art show – about seventy six artists created original pieces about me for an exhibition and book called The Shatner Show…. It is an astonishing collection, with pieces made from a variety of materials -  including a bust made of LEGOs and another one of clay, limestone, artificial ferns, and plumbing pieces.  So I’ve seen myself in plastic and plumbing."


(William Shatner, Re; Sculpture of William Shatner for “The Shatner Show”)   St. Martins Press Published 2008 Hardcover ISBN - 10:0312372655



“… an articulate, perceptive and analytical mind……sculpture solutions that have a meaningful and provocative presence”. (Katie Ohe)

“… very interesting.  Such a hypo-realistic approach and very well crafted.”  (Marek Dobrowolski, Hollywood Film Designer for Steven Spielberg)

“ ….These are so beautiful...I love them….they catch me”.  (Richard Hoover, Hollywood Film Designer for Brad Pitt) 


"Your art is really beautiful. I admire your talent."  (Farrah Fawcett, Actor)