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Applied Arts Winner | 2018

Applied Arts Winner | 2018

Greenery App : Taking the Stress out of Transit Waits

This student's research showed that wait times for transit can be a source of significant stress. Studies show that transit waits situated in green areas or with greens around them, tend to reduce a transit user's stress levels. This app and branded solution was created in response.

Q : An Educational iPad Game and mobile app for parents & children

This student discovered in her research children in the UK, as young as 5, will soon be mandatorily educated on LGBTQ2+/gender fluidity.  This student felt teachers and parents needed a tool to help them speak appropriately to this young age group.


This is an ipad adventure game that gives rewards for tasks, and allows young users to customize their playing character. As children “meet new friends”, the parent follows along on a mobile app to see whom they’ve met, providing the parent with more detailed information on which gender type the child has encountered. The parent can also join in on the child’s game, from their mobile app.

Greenspace : A Plant Owner's app

This app uses a fun loving Character to navigate us through an interface.

Rise+app | Design your day for innovation

This app is designed for the entrepreneur. It compares daily activities and time management with those who are the great innovators of our time : Billionares, icons, world-class athletes, performers, and artists. 

“We have failed to recognize our great asset: time. A conscientious use of it could make us into something quite amazing.” (Friedrich Schiller, Daily Rituals: How Artists Work)


Rise helps you design your day for innovation. With the Rise app you can see when you've hit your weekly goals within each category.


The dashboard can be accessed from a desktop. With Rise, you see every stat, goal, insight, and more from the convenience of your computer.


The Rise notebook uses whitelines + moleskin notebook + pen technology : bullet journalling and daily logs that can be scanned into the app using the registration location markers.