Mobile App based on Cymatics Research


This student worked with a group of scientists in the U.S. who had been conducting research on Cymatics. Cyamatics is essentially modal vibrational phenomena.


The group sent along an armory of research studies, papers, etc – from which the student began to develop his mobile app.


This app provides eye and facial scans that generate physiological data, as well as pulling data from smartwatches and homesmart devices to create infographics that document physiological responses from the vibrations of a user’s personal music playlist, when combined with their home/outside environment. 

The group from the U.S. expressed an interest in using this app for their own research, if the prototype was developed for real use.

Applied Arts Winner | 2018

Applied Arts Winner | 2018

Greenery App : Taking the Stress out of Transit Waits

This student's research showed that wait times for transit can be a source of significant stress. Studies show that transit waits situated in green areas or with greens around them, tend to reduce a transit user's stress levels. This app and branded solution was created in response.

Gender Fluidity : An Educational iPad Game and mobile app for parents & children

This student discovered in her research children in the UK, as young as 5, will soon be mandatorily educated on LGBTQ2+/gender fluidity.  This student felt teachers and parents needed a tool to help them speak appropriately to this young age group.


This is an ipad adventure game that gives rewards for tasks, and allows young users to customize their playing character. As children “meet new friends”, the parent follows along on a mobile app to see whom they’ve met, providing the parent with more detailed information on which gender type the child has encountered. The parent can also join in on the child’s game, from their mobile app.

Interactive Science Center Experience : BLANC 

This Interactive Experience is for a real location, a Science Centre. It utilizes a Personality to guide a young user through the experience of understanding Black Holes : none other than a former research scientist/astronaut that has disappeared into a Black Hole. As we follow his instructions, we take his place and continue gathering data for BLANC.

Avocado Toast : Interactive Story App

This interactive story app moves us through the economical plight of the Millenial. No matter which choices we make in the story, we can't seem to avoid the inevitable poor outcome. Brilliant story writing with plenty of humour and satire. 

Online mystery novel video game : a dire situation in Venezuala

In this mystery novel genre video game, we are the Character tasked with solving the mystery of corruption that has led to the dire current situation in Venezuela (2019/2020). We are taken on a journey to find a missing family member who seems to have solved this mystery. The clues he has left, guide us through.

Smart Match : "Your personal Adidas Stylist"

This fashion app capitalizes on the collaborations that Adidas makes with artists as Influencers, developing new products together. This app helps Adidas fans match their Adidas wardrobe with suggestions based on the user's filters, notifications, history, community/editorial input, browse history, purchased and saved products. Smart Match chooses customs styles for the user. Follow trends, explore newly released products + your favourite collections. Explore lifestyles​ of adidas music, sports, and design.


Match it before you buy it.


With capture, snap a shot and get your style matched. Get suggestions by editors and community based on the photos you took with capture.


With community, see what's new, explore your favourite communities, follow your favourite people and their styles.

With seasonal, explore the right styles for the right season.

"Explore styles by adidas that match your taste, find your own adidas community, and connect with people and lifestyles that inspire you."

Smart Match. With Siri integration.

Greenspace : A Plant Owner's app

This app uses a fun loving Character to navigate us through the interface.