Applied Arts Winner | 2019

Infographic | Dining in Disneyland

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Mark Rothko : An analysis of colors in paintings throughout his career

This timeline breaks out the colors of the most prominent paintings throughout the years, into divisions by amounts.

The early years tended to show brighter colors. In particular after an aneurism in the late 60's the color palette darkens.

Interactive Information Design | Site Installation Reducing Our Water Footprint 

This Interactive Infographic Installation brings to our attention the sheer quantity of water it takes for the agriculture industry to bring food to
our plates.


The user chooses a food item from the digital screen. This in turn lights up the rows of bottles that are 3 deep in a color coded infographic, which matches the food item visually. Each color represents the indicated parts of the food item. 


Each bottle that lights up, represents 100 litres of water : the rows are 3 bottles deep.


On the opposite wall the human scale infographics compares the various meats and their water requirements. The water usage is outlined at each step.

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Applied Arts Winner | 2017

A Shopping Event Gone Wrong in Itaewon

Visiting Cambodia for the first Time