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For almost 2 decades, I've worked on full-run Hollywood film and television productions as an Art Director and Assistant Art Director, as well as Graphic Designer, often creating vast amounts of graphics, and aiding in the conceptualization and design of film sets and locations, builds and props. The list of productions include those by producers: 

Dreamworks (Spielberg), Disney, Warner Bros., Paramont+, MGM Studios, Ridley Scott, MTV, Brad Pitt, (Plan B Entertainment), FX, CBS, Discovery Channel, Lifetime Television, the Cohen Brothers, and more.  

As a Production Designer on smaller feature films (Designing the look and sets for film), I received an AMPIA nomination for Production Design of a Feature film, and received a Golden Sheaf Award for Design of an Art Film Short which was showcased at the MOMA New York. The film also won with the Yorkton Film festival, one of the qualifying festivals for an Oscar nomination.

I have worked on a number of Emmy nominated and Emmy winning productions, as well as an Oscar nominated feature film.

On a Dreamworks mini-series for television, I was the Principal Researcher for the Series as as Assistant Art Director. This production was nominated for a Primetime Creative Emmy for Production Design.

I worked on the first and second seasons of the acclaimed MGM Studios TV Miniseries, Fargo, winner of 18 Emmy Award Nominations and 3 Emmy Wins for the first season, and 36 Emmy nominations including a Primetime Emmy Nomination for Production Design, and 2 Emmy wins for the second season. 

Fargo the TV Series in total won over 160 award nominations between the first two seasons which also included a number of Golden Globe awards including Best Television Film or Miniseries. Other awards included a Critics Choice award, American Film Institute Award, Dorian Award, and a Peabody Award. 

Fargo the TV series was conceived by Warren Littlefield former producer of NBC for 20 years, It is written and co-Prod­uced by Noah Hawley and the Cohen Brothers. It captures the quality and flavour of the original Fargo Film of 1996. Each Season holds a new story line and a new cast of characters.

Season 2 I was involved heavily in designing the look and/or concepts of some of our hero sets and the streets of Luverne, Minnestota, as an Assistant Art Director, as well creating our hero graphics and props.


Especially heavy was my involvement in the exterior look of the iconic set,  “The Waffle Hut” and “Bud’s Meats”.  My involvement also included contributing to the design of a few interior locations transformed to our film needs. 

Season 2 received a Primetime Creative Emmy nomination for Production Design (the design and look of the film).

The Series hosted a long string of notable stars, including Martin Freeman, BillyBob Thornton, Colin Hanks, Oliver Platt, Adam Goldberg, Jeffrey Donovan, Patrick Wilson, Adam Arkin, Kirsten Dunst, Jesse Plemens, Jean Smart, Patrick Williams, Ted Danson, Brad Garrett, Kieran Culkin, among others. 


I’ve worked in the agency world for one of Western Canada's largest design/advertising firms as well as working on contract for others including an international agency with a local office. Various applications, include but are not limited to: Branding, Packaging Design, Advertising, Web Design, Motion Graphics, Magazine Design/Art Direction, and Corporate Design (Annual Reports and branding).



As a practicing visual artist, I work with conceptual and figurative sculpture applications, video documentary, and large-scale photo based work.  I am particularly interested in story. 

As a child of a refugee and an immigrant, my interest lies in the stories of humanity. And so there is work that revolves around the stories of others from countries around the world with difficult stories, celebrating their spirit and will to thrive. This work was made possible by an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant. 


The non-figurative conceptual visual work captures the stories behind the imagery, some of which has been shown in New York.


As Professor of Communication Design at the Alberta University of the Arts, Canada for 11 years, I often bring industry influences into the studio practices of Design students, to augment their learning, some of whom have won international design awards with their work.

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