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ADAM ARKIN, Director

Thanks for making the grocery store such a great place to shoot that sequence. It all looked great. Really great . . .

FARGO | FX Series

Season 1 & Season 2 won over 160 award nominations including Emmy and Golden Globes wins. 

Season 2 | Set Design Concepts+Graphics

The Waffle Hut sign features stacks of waffles on a skewer much like Peggy (Kirsten Dunst) impales the villain on her broken windshield shards in the opening scene of Season 2.

The Waffle Hut became iconic, and was used by FX and FXX to promote the show. My role was to conceptualize the exterior colors and what the signage should be. This was then translated to the highway sign.

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Mr. Numbers eats Scrunyuns
Scrunyuns Bag | On the Store Shelf
Scrunyuns Bag Conceals Gun

Prop | Noah Hawley wrote this prop into the script. Mr. Numbers (Adam Goldberg) shoots the convenience store thief by concealing his gun in the Scrunyuns Bag. Scrunyuns go flying.

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Season 1 | Hero Graphics

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Prop | Noah Hawley asked for these

"Giant Beans" for the grocery store scene. Grasshoppers crawl around these beans and the German Food on the shelves..

Prop | Noah Hawley wanted the shelves of the grocery store lined with German products - for the Grasshoppers infestation scene. It was a pun on the culture which Fargo tried to recreate.

All products are first named, and the names legally cleared. After that we design them and have them produced in multiples for the show.

Prop | Malvo buys a scanner, but not 

this pink one. That was our pun.

Malvo is played by Billy Bob Thornton

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