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In the "former East Berlin", (now part of "Unified Berlin"), we see the extensive reconstruction and re-design of a world gone untouched and unkempt under the communist regime since the early 50's. Nothing restored, very little maintained - most gone to ruin. In amongst the ruins lived the people of East Berlin - in buildings old and crumbling, and in a shocking state of disrepair. 


Now, in this new era of reconstruction since the Berlin wall came down, streets are lined with restored facades, intermixed with the remnants of what once was, too old and derelict to be restored, waiting to be replaced with an ultra modern and well-designed structure in keeping with the "new" Berlin. While these remnants still stand, sandwiched between beautifully restored facades, they continue to house the people of "former East Berlin". 

Amidst the decay, live and breathe these inhabitants of the "Old World". They are caught between two worlds.


With Germany's obsession for cleanliness, fastidious grooming, and design, we see the two worlds layered together. Beneath the new facades, the old crumbling bits continue to stand:  in the un-restored inner courtyards and back alleys; and on the streets of these gloriously restored treasures grow the unkempt gardens and trees of the "Old World".

These images are a series of juxtapositions of the "Old" with the "New", of "the Former East Berlin".

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